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Announcements about the RC on-line BiKi Russell currency exchange

Dear Russell currency RC community friends: is about to open the RC top-up, withdrawal, and open the RC/USDT for trading, the specific time is as follows:

1, open time to top-up: 16:00 on May 15 (GMT + 8);
2, open withdrawal time: 16:00 (GMT + 8) on May 15,
3, open trading hours: 16:00 on May 16 (GMT + 8); about trading platform:

BiKi.COM was established in June 2018, the headquarters is located in Singapore, is a global digital currency trade service. Platform has a strong technical team and operation team, committed to the global users to create the safe, stable and efficient digital currency trading platform. Now support, many languages such as English, and service hundred countries and regions, global users exceeds 1 million. Platform poundage 100% used to repurchase t and destroyed, fire before COINS, founder of the golden financial co-founder are founded early joint participation in BiKi.COM, personal investment of $5 million and served as joint chief executives.

BiKi website:

Instant messaging

A few days ago, the signing ceremony of Russell coin RC and Money Theology Co-operation was a complete success! uuuuuuuuu This event marks that Russell's publicity has moved to a new height! Money God technology is a technology application with high confidentiality, large information capacity, and many other functions such as trading and chatting red envelope.

Windows test

On November 21, 2017, after careful study and decision, we decided to give up the 10% reward system of our team fund, so as to fix the bug and launch Russell coin

Windows test

The version failed again in October, 2017.

Windows test

The test was performed in October, 2017, and the BUG was modified to enter the test phase.

Windows test

The first BUG occurred in June, 2017. The block was modified by big calculation, and the test failed.

Windows test

In October 2017, the first machine-gun pool attack, the force jumped by 150,000 times to 16.7892 GH/S; The difficulty reached 464.9546878.

Public beta version

The Russell coin 1.0.0 version is released on August 31, 2017
Please remember, this is just a designed to remove errors and test the new function test version, most of the Alt - "no public beta testing, but the important thing is that we go through the testing phase, as Russell" is based on the concept of untested, we cannot issue a bug and defect of Alt - coin.