Russell coin scheme

RussellCoin has adopted the master node plan of the currency, and improved the POW mining tax to the main node mechanism, combining with X20R algorithm, the anonymity is stronger. In this paper, the hashing algorithm was performed for the first time.

Distribution pattern

Using a hybrid mining method similar to the PoW+ PoS, RC designed the main node system, PoW+PoS mining mechanism, and the main nodes were involved in the mining of the main nodes with more than 1000 COINS. POW mining bonus block 50% of the coin.

Anonymous performance

Russell coin starts the random port, which means your ISP doesn't know what you're doing by monitoring your port, and bitcoins, peercoin and even darkcoin can be monitored. All TCP network transport layers use a secure elliptic curve encryption password suite.

Trading speed

Fast and simple, trading is more secure and convenient. At present, the new function of instantaneous coin transfer is realized, namely, Zerotime technology, without the need to use the block link, which can be used for real-time transaction in 0.6 seconds.