Frequently asked questions

This is a list of common questions and answers related to Russell coin. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We will provide the answers as soon as possible. For answers to the more general question of Russell coin, please refer to the FAQ.

What is Russell coin safe?

Russell coin all TCP network connections use the cryptographic technology (ECC) of the elliptic curve to ensure the security of the transport layer. All UDP communications use a stream cipher hc-256 and X11 encryption to prevent data mining, eavesdropping, review, flow shaping, and deep packet detection.

Why should I care about Russell coin?

So you don't need to care about Russell ", but if the problem is why Russell coin in the growing might of Alt - COINS option, the answer is Russell "provides the next generation of scalability and a series of unprecedented new features. Russell coin is not a cheap currency to devalue, and before we release the source code, a lot of money and many months are spent on development.

What's the difference between Russell coin and the dollar?

In many ways, Russell coin is similar to the currency, but it USES a very different mechanism to maintain address balance, thus increasing scalability. The balance is not to get the address balance from the transaction, but to preserve what we call the "balance sheet" structure of the account tree. Transactions in Russell coin are basically much simpler, they don't contain scripts, but we have a list of predefined valid transaction types.

How to anonymously be Russell coin?

Russell coin offers the same level of anonymity as the currency. Since the old deal can be forgotten, it may be better than the coin, but it's unlikely that some dedicated nodes won't store the full blockchain. Anonymity is an area of concern for us in the development process, but we plan to do more research on block blending techniques.