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Version: 2.6.2

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Master node reward

To run a master node, you need to store 1000RC. When the main node takes effect, it can provide services to the entire network's clients and get the rewards in the form of interest. This allows the user to invest in the service, but at the same time get a certain return. The main node gets the benefit from the same pool, and about 50% of the block rewards are included in the plan.

Bright spot

Another benefit of the cross-chain hash operation is that the high-end CPU has an average return that is close to the GPU of the same level. GPU consumption has fallen by 30-50%, much less than the Scrypt algorithm used by most cryptographic currencies.

Smart Adaptation

Russell coin has a future! It will bring more prospects for all players using the digital currency service blockchain, and it will make all the players of the Russell currency feel the best eye on the Russell currency.

The Future Proofed

Russell coin is innovative and visionary, which can prevent eavesdropping and being reviewed for security considerations. Russell coin has increased the speed of non-centralized and energy-efficient network transactions, and the value of Russell coin has been increased.

Mixed COINS service

Using a decentralized currency within the range of the digital currency, we can allow the currency itself to be fully interchangeable. Interchangeability is a property of money, and all units of a currency are determined to remain equal. When you receive money in the form of currency, money should not be keeping the records before the user's use, or the user can easily and before the use of historical distance, so as to accomplish all currencies are equal. At the same time, any user who does not influence the privacy of others will ensure that every transaction of the public ledger is honest.

Master node broadcast

Sent 1000 rc to a specific address in the wallet, is the activation code can naturally produced in the entire network broadcasting the master node, and then secondary private key generation, it is used for the signature, all other information in the run stand-alone mode can also be used to completely lock the purse.

Important: Russell coin is highly experimental software, Russell coin supports it lacks extensive testing and analysis. The Russell coin is a branch of the heart of the coin, but the code has been widely modified and expanded. It looks very similar to the dollar, but the work under the hood is very different. Therefore, you should be careful to use the Russell coin until the code base is properly reviewed and the robustness of the network has been established. We did not provide any warranty or guarantee, but if our network problems, we will do our best to save the situation, keep the balance of all the address, this will reduce losses to a minimum.